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The First Journal



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01)Voices 萬物之聲

02)迢迢牽牛星 Across the Milky Way

03)花樹下 Under the Tung blossom Trees

04)驀然回首 Lantern Night

05)I Wanna Be With You 我想和你在一起


​Credit List

編曲 Arrangement:劉郁如 Christine Liu

錄音室 Recording Studio:紅地毯錄音工作室 Red Carpet Recording Studio

錄音師 Recording Engineer:劉郁如 Christine Liu & 伊恩森 Iansen

混音後製製作人 Mixing & Mastering Producer:伊恩森 Iansen、劉郁如 Christine Liu、Andrew Yeh


特別感謝 Special Thanks:

A House、Vocal Asia 中華暢聲亞洲音樂協會、台北曲藝團、台灣合唱音樂中心、漢光文化教育基金會、Andrew Yeh、伊恩森、朱元雷老師、賴家慶老師、白品鍵、老王、張詩芸、鍾育杏、劉沁如,以及我們親愛的家人與好友粉絲(依單位首字筆畫、個人姓氏筆畫排列)


© 2012

All rights of the manufacture and of the owner of the recorded work reserved. Unauthorized public performance, broadcasting and copying of this record prohibited. Manufactured and printed in Taiwan.

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